Bunk beds are great for families that don’t have a lot of space at home. They are easy ways to use space optimally. The safety of these convenient beds needs to be understood to prevent an accident or injury. Here are a few tips on keeping bunk beds safe.

  • Set the rules: The rules of proper bunk bed etiquette must be upheld at all times. Teach your children how to get on and off the bunk beds safely. Make sure the kids understand that no kind of horseplay on or underneath the beds. The kid’s room should stay clean and organized. This means that there isn’t anything that will cause them to stagger off the bed on the ladder or hanging off any part of the bed. This includes toys, belts, jump ropes, and other such items
  • Secure the bunk properly: Where the bunk bed is positioned is important. The bunk bed shouldn’t be underneath or near a fan or light on the ceiling. It’s not advised to place it against a window. Also, ensure that the bunk beds fit in the room. The child should be able to sit up without touching the ceiling.
  • The conditions: Make sure that the bunk bed follows regulatory safety precautions. The mattress should be the proper size for the unit. The bed foundation needs to be strong and durable. Ensure that the guardrails are at least 15cm above the top of the mattress. Search the bed for any gaps big enough for limbs to slip through, get caught in or purposely tick into.
  • More safety precautions: You can install a night lamp near the ladder or stairs so that the child can see clearly when climbing up or down. Do regular safety checks as general maintenance. Lastly, don’t allow children under the age of 6 to sleep on the top bunk. They are physically too small to sleep on the top bunk and also aren’t responsible enough to sleep on the top bunk.

There are many factors to consider when having bunk beds but safety takes main priority

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