Most children love the idea of having a bunk bed in their room! Bunk beds are the ideal choice for your child’s room when it comes to saving space. It’s much easier than having two single beds in one room.

There’s Room for More

A bunk bed means that there will be extra space because space isn’t being taken up by two single beds. It allows space for other items or even just a small, clear area. For young children this is ideal because they have more space for a play area. There is room for them to keep their toys and other items without leaving the room looking cluttered.

Extra Storage Space

Not only is there more space in the room for storage but certain bunk beds “are available with added storage space. Certain bunk beds come with added draws beneath the bed, making the storage easily accessible. These draws can be used for clothing, toys, books or whatever you wish to store there.

Trendy Designs

Not all bunk beds need to be used for two beds. Some designs allow for the top of the bunk bed to be used as another storage unit. Another popular design is using the top of the bunk bed as a bed and using the space below for a desk. This creates more space in the room for other items, such as a beanbag or dressing table, which you may want to add. The options are limitless.

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