Bunk beds are ideal when you are looking to save space and make the most out of the present space. Two beds for the space of one is a brilliant way of creating space in a small room. These space-saving solutions can be dangerous and harmful to the children who will be using them.

For most families, it makes sense to incorporate bunk beds. Usually designating the top bunk to the oldest child and the youngest to the bottom bunk. This is a really good plan but there is a minimum age of competency and capability required for children to safely sleep on the top bunk. There are a couple of rules that you will have to put in place to maintain the safety of these bunk beds. It’s recommended that children under the age of 6 should not be allowed to sleep on the top bunk.  

The first reason for this recommendation is that children at this age are prone to falling out of their beds. They are also greatly adventurous, and their carefree nature can encourage climbing onto the beds in unsafe manners and also jumping on and even off of these beds. This can cause serious injuries.

Another risk is that even if the little one is sleeping on the bottom bunk if the top bunk is to collapse the child sleeping on the bottom can be hurt. Although this isn’t likely it is good to consider everything that may happen while your children is sleeping.

If you do decide on getting bunk beds for your children then it’s highly important to ensure set safety guidelines and rules for your children.

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