Toddlers are at that age where they are no longer your baby but they aren’t fully grown children yet. Refreshing their rooms can prove to be incredibly challenging. There are however a few things you can do that can change the room up and make it more exciting for your little human to sleep and play in. The idea is for them to enjoy their bedroom for 5-6 years before you might have to change it again.

Keep it simple

Knowing what your child enjoys will make refreshing their room much easier. Bedroom walls are a great place to incorporate small yet whimsical changes that will make a huge impact. This can be with a mural or wall stickers. This creates a new feel within the room. Remember that colours and using bold visuals will help your child integrate into the space. You can do anything from painting bold colourful lines across the room or having the words ‘Star Wars’ spelled out in big bold letters.

Small touches

Your child’s interests will give you an idea of what colours to use and how to incorporate small gimmicks and toys into the room.  Small knickknacks placed around the room give a more authentic feel to the room. If your child likes pink then small splashes of pink in the lamp, carpet, and play area are a good idea.

Upgrade the bed

There is no set time for your toddler to move out from their cot but if you see that they are ready to make the big switch then this to consider different beds.  There are a variety of Traditional beds and theme beds available. This can be a car bed or a treehouse bed frame. These things all add to the fun of the design.

Keep it safe

Remember that your child is still a toddler, this means that you will have to ensure that everything is child-friendly. No sharp corners or breakable objects.

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