If you are trying to find the perfect bed for your child, look no further than a car bed! These beds have everything your child needs to have a great place to sleep and play. Read more below about why a car bed is perfect for your child.


During the first bed transition stage, between a crib and a bed, some children struggle with the notion of sleeping in a proper bed, which may lead them to sleep with their parents. Car beds are the perfect option to leave your kids at ease about sleeping in their own proper bed. Not only are they great for a child’s fears of a big bed, these beds also allow your kid’s imagination to thrive and will keep them entertained.

Low and high

Most car beds are quite low to the ground, making it easy for your child to get in and out of bed as they please, without difficulty. They are also close enough to the ground to prevent injury if your child does slip when climbing out. The sides of the bed frame are high which is a necessary preventative measure if your child does toss and turn as they sleep. These sides will protect your child from rolling off the bed.


Car beds come in many different styles and different sizes to suit the size of the room and the child. Take some time to choose a car bed that you know your child will love. The right bed will make your child excited for bedtime.

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